Who are you supposed to talk to…

When you feel like your life is falling apart? We will talk to everyone when we’re in pain, but so often it feels like our words fall on deaf ears. After all, everyone has their own problems.

What makes our problems so special? Why would anyone listen?

Sometimes, just talking to the people in our lives, our friends, family, fellow church goers, co-workers, etc., isn’t enough. They’re often preoccupied with their own issues, or sometimes just outright distracted. It’s okay! It doesn’t mean they love or care about you any less, but it does mean that you might need a little extra support during this trying time in your life.

That’s when counseling can help.

It’s a space that is entirely for you to talk about whatever you want at whatever pace you’d like! You don’t have to filter your words, feelings, or thoughts. Nor do you have to worry about anyone else’s circumstances. You can just focus on you, and you alone. Troubleshoot your problems and learn how to cope with what you’re feeling without having to carry the burdens of anyone else. These spaces are crucial for us to find healing. While discussing our emotions can be a taxing experience, there is a certain amount of rest that we experience when we’re the only ones we have to focus on for a little while.

Get rid of the noise.

Suddenly, all the extra chatter, the extra static that our brains have been trying to process quiets down and goes away. We finally get to hear our own thoughts about us, and our lives. And then, we get to do something about it. We get to face our experiences head-on, and we don’t have to do it alone anymore. We also don’t have to worry about other people’s judgmental nonsense. Free of the bondage from shame and guilt, you and I will process what’s been going on.

This time is for you.

I will make sure that you have all the safety and comfort you need to face this head-on, and provide you with the coping skills so that you can continue to do this on your own in the future. While you might have to come back every now and then for a tune up, you’ll be far less likely to reach those low lows that freak out all of us. Give me a call, and let’s see what we can do to get you that peace and understanding that you’re seeking.