Career counseling

Your career is where you spend approximately one third of your time.

One third.

Do you now understand why you might be feeling depressed or anxious?

If you’re not happy with your career or your job, it’s going to challenge your mental health.  If you don’t have a predisposition to mental health challenges, it’s a strong likelihood that you’ll develop some.

This is because when we’re chronically stressed, we produce a hormone called cortisol.  Cortisol isn’t inherently bad.  It’s part of your adrenal system which means your body releases cortisol in many stressful situations, even fun stressful situation (think hucking yourself off a cliff on some skis for example (although that might just be me)).

However, when your body is chronically releasing cortisol in high amounts due to work related stress, it can cause serious problems related to inflammation.

So yes, eat, get some joyful movement.  Those things will help.

However, making your career what you want it to be might just help you the most.

There is no such thing as a perfect career.  Yet, there may be a job that you are better suited for or better strategies to help you manage your work stress.

The reality is, you might be working either too much, not getting paid enough, in a job you dislike or isn’t a good fit for you, your mental health is impacting your career, or we need to rethink your self-care game.

You may be thinking, that sounds great in theory, but my boss will fire me if I don’t keep playing the game.  I can’t guarantee that this won’t happen, especially if you advocate for your needs at your workplace. 

However, the worker’s rights revolution is here and it’s time to get on board.  Too many Americans are over worked and under paid for the valuable work and time that they provide to their company.  I am here to help you start a revolution.  It will likely be uncomfortable, but I believe this is necessary.

You can always make more money.

You cannot ever make more time.

You only have one life.  You might as well live it that way you want to even if it means changing jobs, making some shifts in your career, or learning how to advocate for your needs at your job.

I offer practical career counseling via the Strong’s Interest Inventory, utilization of the Holland Code system, and the Savicka’s Career Interview to help people rethink the options that they actually have.

I also offer resume services and can help you with job searches during our sessions using the information that we gather about you.

We’re not as pigeonholed as we often think we are.

I also have successfully started my own business.  If you’re looking for help in launching your own business, I can help.  Most people think that it takes a great deal of money to start your own business, but the reality is that it doesn’t.  You will need to make some investments, but there are basic, easy steps to help you launch your own company.  You’d probably be incredibly surprised at how simple it can be.

I cannot guarantee success.  Nothing in life is certain.  In fact, failure is oftentimes certain as it’s just a part of life and can be one of our greatest teachers.  

I can provide insight, wisdom, and guidance in what is a very significant part of your life and accompany you through whatever journey you need to take in your career path.

Give me a call so we can get started and help you put more of this puzzle together.