telehealth counseling

You deserve more options that work for you!

When my brother moved up to the mountains a few years ago, our entire family was amazed at the limited care options.

What if you went to the mental health clinic and didn’t like any of therapists but felt it was your only option?

What if you called a few private practice therapists and didn’t feel comfortable there either?

What if you couldn’t find someone who took your insurance?

What if you couldn’t afford the private options that were available to you?

Welcome to the breath of fresh air that is telehealth counseling!

You and I will meet, one on one, just as if we were in my brick and mortar office. 

Except, you can talk with me from the comfort of your phone or laptop through Doxy or Zoom Meetings (both of which are HIPPA compliant). 

It doesn’t matter if you live in the eastern plains or the western slope or the mountains.  You can enjoy boutique style mental health care that is tailored exactly to you.

No wait times, no confusing bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

Just ease of mind, a trained professional to talk to, flexible scheduling hours, and flexible pricing to meet your unique needs.

All the same perks apply as my brick and mortar practice.

We will meet for my free, full hour consultation and you can decide if you like me before paying for services (best take advantage.  I’m talking about a free therapy session).

I’ll assess your needs to make sure that I can meet them and, if you like my style, we will move forward to help you feel better fast!

You’re certainly not alone in experiencing these things.

 Together, we’ll brainstorm legitimate coping skills that will help you feel better, and help to achieve more confidence with your current stage of life.

There is no topic that is too little or too great for counseling.  It’s just like physical therapy but for the mind and often produces faster results.  Now, you have the convenience of talking together anywhere in the state of Colorado.

No matter what you’re going through, sometimes all we need is a little troubleshooting.

Give me a call to talk with me, free of charge, to see what we can do to get you feeling better ASAP!