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Adolescence can be outright confusing.

It’s the time when we transition from being a child to an adult. 

Let’s make it more complicated with bullies at school.  Your teen might even use self-harm as a way to cope with emotional pain.  Maybe body dysmorphia occurs because we think our growing bodies look weird. Maybe we even start to develop disordered eating as a means to cope, and/or develop just straight up poor self-esteem and self-talk (which doesn’t even have to be related to body image).  Perhaps, sexual identity and/or dating begins to complicate adolescence on top of everything else.  Depression and anxiety symptoms can occur as the brain becomes capable of adult thoughts and emotions that we’re unsure of how to process or cope with.  Addiction might even happen as way to escape from life.The isolation required by social distancing may exacerbate these challenges or create entirely new ones.

Teenagers might talk about these things to their parents.  They also might not.  They may show that they’re struggling in their adolescence rather than talk about it through behaviors like isolating from family or having angry outbursts.

Either way, getting them help with a trained professional who also loves working with teens is important.

Let’s help your teen feel better again!

Together, we will explore their inner worlds to boost self-awareness as a means to help them find healing that is unique to them.

When I was in graduate school, I didn’t think I’d love working with teens so much.  However, I now find them to be amazing, resilient, and wonderful people that I feel privileged to talk with all day.  Teens have creative and unique minds that can generate amazing solutions to their own problems if just given the chance.

Your teen deserves compassionate and creative care with a professional that really gets them even if you live in the mountains with more limited care options.

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Your teen and I will create a safe environment so they can process everything they’ve been struggling with and learn healthy, effective coping skills to better navigate life’s challenges.

I  know I may look young, but I have been studying psychology since 2009, and have been in practice since 2016.  I have a natural rapport with teenagers that creates a healthy environment for healing as well as the knowledge and training to help.

Give me a call at (720) 260-4643 for a free 15 minute initial assessment so that we can talk about your teen’s unique needs and how I can best support them.